With the impact of construction and the high emissions produced in our industry, at QED Structures we are passionate and committed in ensuring that sustainability is considered from concept all the way through to the end of life of projects. We believe in a construction industry that considers the environment and places sustainability at the core of all solutions.

We fully promote sustainable design and pride ourselves in lowering the carbon emissions of buildings and structures. We believe that by selecting the correct materials and methods we can optimise design, which therefore lowers the carbon emissions produced by our structures without increasing costs.



What we do to help:


Always consider how to design for deconstruction reuse or recycle to encourage zero waste when the building reaches its end of life.


Use locally sourced material, particularly reclaimed or recycled materials reducing transportation and actively supporting local businesses.


Use local labour and sub-contractors.



Provide efficient and optimised designs.



Consider designing flexibility into the structure to allow change of use later or provide a dual use facility without over-engineering, maintaining lower cost.


Compost organic waste on site, reducing vehicle movements and limiting the volume of material sent to landfill.



Use Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).



MMC – We are specialists in the design of modular and light gauge steel frame structures. Our designs allow precision accuracy which minimises waste, less vehicle movements to site, use of local labour and sub-contractors, less time on site and impact locally, smaller foundations and less concrete.