QED Structures is an innovative design firm

We specialise in building structures.

We provide a practical, personal and holistic approach to all of our projects. This is based upon our expertise and ability to create and develop and excellent working relationship with clients’ and fellow professionals. QED Structures understands the importance of sustainability and the ecological aspects of a project and, therefore, ensures that this is a priority during the development of a scheme.

Our commitment is to provide the design and quality of work, which will meet all of our clients’ goals whilst also understanding the whole-life cost of a project.


QED is an abbreviation of the latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum”

(literally translated as “which was to be demonstrated”)

This is a translation of the Greek “hóper édei deixai” which was used by many early mathematicians including Euclid and Archimedes and also by the 17th Century scientist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton. Q.E.D. was written by mathematicians at the end of mathematical proofs to show that the result required for the proof to be complete had been obtained.

This phrase lends itself exactly to the ethos behind our consultancy. We have demonstrated our ability to provide established designs and details on a range of challenging projects. This combined with the personal holistic approach and proven “added value” service we provide to clients’ and fellow professionals, demonstrates the commitment and essence of QED Structures.